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Piano Discography


Improvisations and Arrangements (Album - 2017)

Disc 1

1          Arabesque No. 1 (Claude Debussy)

2          Postlude in E major (Improvised)

3          sans. (Undertale - Toby Fox)

4          Prelude in F minor (Improvised)

5          Battle Against a True Hero (Undertale - Toby Fox)

6          Interlude in F minor (Improvised)

7          Mt. Coronet (Pokémon D/P/PT - Junichi Masuda)

8          Unforgotten (Halo - Martin O’Donnell)

9          Für Elise (Ludwig van Beethoven)

10      Prelude in B-flat minor (Improvised)

11      Best Mistake (Ariana Grande)

12      Interlude in B-flat minor (Improvised)

13      Loretta and Desireé’s Bouquet - Part 1 (George Winston)

Disc 2

1          Nocturnes, Op. 27: No. 1 in C-sharp minor (Frédéric Chopin)

2          Interlude in D-flat major - Part 1 (Improvised)

3          U.N. Owen Was Her? (Touhou Project - ZUN)

4          Interlude in D-flat major - Part 2 (Improvised)

5          It’s Raining Somewhere Else (Undertale - Toby Fox)

6          Stronger Than You (Steven Universe - Rebecca Sugar)

7          Requiem of Silence (Re:Zero - Kenichirō Suehiro)

8          Interlude in C minor (Improvised)

9          S.M.L. (Noucome - Mikihiro Hamada)

10      Snow Halation (Love Live! School Idol Project - Takahiro Yamada)

11      Canon in D/Gabriel’s Oboe (Johann Pachelbel and Ennio Morricone)























      Wesley Thompson the pianist is a very different musical individual from Wesley Thompson the composer, although they share many similarities. As a pianist, I adore the art of improvisation, and I have a huge repertoire of songs from many genres that I cycle between, playing them one after another with little break and with improvised


      These were the conditions which spawned this album, which was my final musical project prior to beginning college. A la Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, many of the songs segue into each other seamlessly, though they can be listened to on their own as well. The songs range from classical works by Chopin and Debussy to songs from video games like Undertale to soundtracks to anime such as Re:Zero. While I have come a long way as a pianist since this album, it still stands as a great work and an intriguing foreshadowing of my current compositional voice.

Ruminations and Impressions (EP - 2016)

1          Redemption (2011)

2          Tempest (2015)

3          Resonance (2016)

4          Dusk (2015)

5          Snowfall (2015)













During the summer before my senior year of high school, I collated all the recordings of my few works for solo piano into a small EP. As I did not know how to notate music properly when I initially composed these pieces, they only existed in my head for many years until being recorded. I don’t include these works with the rest of my compositional output for a number of reasons: they were written prior to the beginning of my formal composition instruction, they aren’t transcribed through notation, and my compositional process was drastically different in comparison to more recent works. Nevertheless, these early pieces presaged a lot of the qualities that would become prevalent in my later compositional output, such as diatonicism, ornamentation, drones, and layering.

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